Welcome to the Inn On the Waves - Superagui!

With 15 years providing services is reflected in the more traditional inn on the island of Superagui, northern Paraná.

Based on the beach of Ponta da Gaviota, the Barra Superagui, allows a stay that goes beyond comfort and good service, with unspoilt beaches and full integration with the environment.

The only access is by sea, great opportunity to observe the dolphins, easily spotted along the path.

Starting from Pontal do Sul, Paranaguá or Guaraqueçaba, the path can be done in about 45 minutes fast boat (motorboat) and 3 hours in the traditional passenger boats.

A place full of life, regarded by UN as one of the most important coastal ecosystems in the world. Habitat of endangered species and only home of the golden lion-faced black. House also a community of fishermen who leads a simple life, governed by nature. Far from the technology, the boss there are the tides, winds and moon.

Manifestations of environmentalists were able to stimulate the creation of the National Park Superagüi in 1989 to protect 21,400 acres of rich coastal ecosystem teeming with life.